VRX 5W30

VRX 5W30 is the very latest generation of engine oil. This product outperforms traditional motor oils because of its unique formula: the special mix of high performance synthetic ester base oils and high tech additives.

The Ceramic Ester Composite technology is a synergy of two components:

  1. Micro-ceramic particles: The micro-ceramic particles are very powerful solid lubricants that decrease the coefficient of friction and resist the highest of temperatures.
  2. Polarized synthetic Multi-Ester oils: The micro-ceramic particles are dispersed in different very specific synthetic ester oils.

Together, they form an extremely resistant protective film that substantially reduces wear and friction.

Even when the engine is not running, this film remains on the internal parts of the engine, ensuring optimum protection during cold starting.

Specially designed for modern, technologically advanced, petrol and diesel powered cars and racing applications.


  • Significant fuel savings (4 to 7%)
  • Substantial reduction of the internal friction (41% according to TÜV test report n° PB 8141.198.08)
  • Significant increase of power (4 to 7%)
  • Substantial reduction in oil consumption (up to 70%)
  • Noticeable reduction of engine noise
  • Keeps the engine cleaner
  • Improved cold start


  • ACEA C3
  • ACEA A3/B4

Available in

12X1L, 4X5L

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet