Powerful, fast drying degreaser and cleaner for all industrial machine parts in the food industry.

Efficiently removes oil, wax, grease, tar, resin, adhesives, glues and many other substances.


  • Excellent penetration properties on contaminants
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Leaves no residues through controlled evaporation
  • Does not contain chlorine or acetone
  • Safe on rubber, nylon and plastic parts


A product with cleaning and de-greasing application in the food industry.

Shake well before use. Spray thickly onto the items that need to be cleaned. Hold spray can approximately 20 – 30 cm from the surface. The solvent-base cleaner evaporates quickly and leaves no traces.

Not intended for direct food contact.

Available in:

500 ML – REF. 4182500

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
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