ADMAX® PRO is the improved edition of ADMAX®, designed to boost the efficiency of the AdBlue® system. This powerful solution offers exceptional detergent and solvent properties, effectively eliminating crystallisation and contamination within the tank, pump and injector of the SCR (AdBlue®) system.

By ensuring a clean and optimised system, ADMAX® PRO enhances both performance and reliability while significantly reducing harmful emissions in the process. This additive offers complete compatibility with AdBlue® and does not cause any harm or corrosion. ADMAX® PRO does not leave any combustion residue in the DPF or SCR catalyst.


  • Eliminates crystal formation in SCR
  • Reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
  • Preserves the SCR
  • Eliminates SCR clogging
  • Helps to maintain optimal fuel efficiency


  • Accelerates the conversion of urea into ammonia
  • Prevents crystallisation at temperatures below -10°C
  • Enhances the efficiency of the SCR system
  • Extends the lifespan of the SCR system
  • Protects the exhaust system from corrosion


Compatible with all AdBlue®-equipped diesel vehicles. ADMAX® PRO should be used exclusively in the AdBlue® reservoir. If the SCR system is experiencing a malfunction, it may be necessary to drive approximately 1000 km after adding ADMAX® PRO.

It is recommended to use ADMAX® PRO preventively (every 30,000 km) after the initial treatment to keep the Adblue system clean and prevent issues. The standard ADMAX® can also be used at each Adblue® refill.

Directions for use

One dose of 250 ml is sufficient for up to 20 liters of Adblue®. ADMAX® PRO can be directly mixed with Adblue®, preferably but not exclusively before filling the tank.

Available in:

250 ML - REF. 7060250
12 x 250 ML PACK

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet