XENUM AT-FLUX uses an advanced and innovative method to flush, clean and fill automatic transmissions with new oil using minimum effort. The machine is connected to the gearbox using hoses, creating a common oil circuit. As a result the oil will flow through the transmission and the machine. The old oil, in combination with a strong cleaning additive (T-Flush), will flow through the whole system – including the torque converter – while the engine is running, ensuring that flushing is done automatically.


  • The entire system will be supplied with new ATF oil
  • No mixing of new and old ATF oils
  • Effective cleaning of the entire oil circuit in the automatic transmission system including: oil cooler, torque convertor, shifting mechanism valves and oil hoses
  • New ATF oil eliminates excessive slipping, resulting in less heat generation in the transmission, providing better shifting and lower fuel consumption
  • Efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly

Suitable for all automatic transmissions including CVT and DCT’s.