ATFX 200 – TBD

This product will be discontinued when stock is exhausted. See ATFX 375.

ATFX 200 is a synthetic ATF fluid additive for Automatic and CVT transmissions. The synergy between unique synthetic ester complex fluid and high-tech performance additives, improve performance as well as thermal and oxidative stability of the hydraulic fluid.


  • Smoothens general operation and improves gear shifting
  • Reduces significantly friction and wear on all internal components
  • Prevents leaks by maintaining optimum seal condition
  • Protects the oil from oxidation and maintains the transmission internally clean
  • Avoids overheating


Compatible with all OEM recommended ATF fluids applied in automatic and CVT transmission systems.

Suitable for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, as well as industrial engines.

Available in

200 ML – REF. 3253200